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S-team is a company that aims at providing containerized water supply systems, in an attempt to curb the shortage of drinking water. We believe in creating a community around clean water and making it available to each and every person. Our 9 Stage Purification RO system comes with a fully automated water vending solution, accessible via the RFID Access Card.

We offer many benefits to those that use our containerized water supply systems. They receive clean drinking water, which is filled with nutrients and keeps the body fresh. The use of RO prevents wastage of water and the RFID technology keeps track of overall water distribution.

S-team has many established success stories since we have launched operations. Our products have been the forefront of water provision in times of need. During the December 2015 floods in Chennai, our containerized water supply system remained in service throughout the time. This allowed us to move from one area to another, catering to the needs of plenty.

S-team has developed systems that are completely mobile. They can be loaded on to a truck and driven to all possible locations. Our systems can supply up to 40,000 liters of clean drinking water under any conditions, as long as there is distributed generation for power. This provides support for rescue teams during emergency conditions and natural disasters.

Our biggest success story came from the Greater Chennai Corporation, which chose to adapt their water supply systems to our technology. From then on, our systems have travelled through the length and breadth of Chennai. We are in the process of installing and testing 11 systems throughout the city, which are all operated with RFID Technology.

And so, S-Team will now provide 20 litres of free drinking water each day to the residents of Chennai. All systems are under their testing stage, post which they will be opened up to bigger communities. Till that time, our units can provide close to 40 Lakh litres of water each day. This is not a small feat and our team aims to grow bigger and further from this achievement.

Learn more about the benefits and solutions that arise from the use of the S-team containerized water supply technology. It has shown immense potential and will definitely grow bigger in the future. For now, the cause of helping the people and providing long lasting solutions is what S-team likes to be known for.


Fully Automated, Containerized, Water Vending through RFID Access

Access to clean water has long been an issue in most parts of the world. There is a need to have fresh and potable water that is available without much effort. Despite the many efforts being made, the technology to provide the water has a long way to go. S-team provides solutions in the field of water management and provision of potable drinking water for all.
To solve the problems facing water management and purification, S-team has developed a system that allows for the purification of water. This is managed with the help of a 9 Stage Purification RO, which then adds minerals to the water. This system has been designed as a fully automated process, so that it does not require constant human involvement to run. Each part of the system is containerized, so as to make it simpler to transport. Finally, the water vending is controlled with an RFID access card. Read More...

Corporate Services

Government Services

S-team offers a wide range of services related to water purification in as many communities as possible. The mission is to introduce a simpler, more reliable and portable means of producing drinking water. Many of our efforts are aimed at introducing a community based water solution, to help grant easier access to drinking water. Keeping this in mind, we cater to government services in need of solutions.

Our water purification systems are designed to provide maximum convenience and quality. Following a 9 Stage Purification process, the water is potable and fresh. The water is dispensed with the help of an RFID Access Card, helping to keep a track on how much water has been dispensed and to whom.

The technology fitted inside the containerized water supply systems is of the latest design. Each system must put water through a Reverse Osmosis Filter, Filtration system, Micro-filtration system, UV sterilization and Ion Exchange process to create a product that matches WHO standards. No matter where the water is being pumped from, it is desalinated, decontaminated, stripped clear of calcium and fluoride and enriched with the necessary minerals.

There are a number of government services that would benefit from the S-team water supply system. To begin with, the portability and prefabricated parts make it far more cost effective than complete water filtration systems. It can be transported on the back of a truck and delivered to remote locations. GPS tracking technology ensures that it will not be stolen or taken to the wrong location. This makes it a great option for offices, outposts and temporary camps. It is of great help with government agencies that are attempting to bring clean water to societies where the struggle for water is overwhelming.

During the Chennai floods, we were able to establishing our biggest success story till date. To help rescue services, S-team was able to transport one containerized water supply system throughout the city. This was used to supply 40,000 litres of fresh drinking water to the citizens. We used the flood water as the source and the purification technology did the rest. Since then, government ogranizations in Chennai have opted to set up more systems that can help in timely supply of water.

S-team works closely with water conservation and provides the best government solutions when required. We hope to bring about a future where the basic right to clean, drinking water is upheld for all citizens of the society.

Government Services

Corporate Services

S-team offers the services of providing clean and potable drinking water to all strata of people. We believe in creating community around water and helping the masses avail their basic right in the simplest manner possible. Other than that, we also offer corporate services for companies that wish to upgrade and streamline their supply of drinking water.

A number of corporate services currently use the old fashion method of water coolers and large bottles of mineral water. These are difficult to maintain and takes sustained human effort to fill and store the bottles. There is an option of using RO purification services, but they have to be built into the ground and are expensive to maintain.

In comparison, S-team offers solutions that do not require a compromise on cost and space, while delivering the best quality. The technology utilized by S-team has led to the creation of a water purification plant that is pre-fabricated and installed on the spot. The technologies are cutting edge, which allows the water quality to remain consistent for years. There is no degradation of parts and the system operates for over 25 years, with constant checks and monitoring being done.

There are many benefits for corporate services that are interested in installing a containerized water supply system. To begin with, the system can be set up in less than 200 sq. ft. of space, conserving much needed area in a corporate set up. It saves on electricity bills, as it takes up 4 units of electricity per hour. It can also work on solar energy for dispensing water and monitoring the quality online.

Once the raw water enters the system, it is treated with a number of purification systems. These include desalination, decalcification, removal of fluoride and contaminants into water that meets all WHO standards. The water supply is available 24 hours a day, and is subjected to RO, Ultrafiltration, Ion Exchange, UV sterilization and Micro filtration.

The service provided by S-team is invaluable for corporates that are in the process of setting up a new office or upgrading their old one. The system can be ported from one area to another, allowing access to water during corporate trips, lunches, outings and many more events. More than that, the quality of water is never under question. The added minerals ensure that the employees remain healthy and fit. Simply put, the S-team water purification system works the best for corporate services.

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S-team offers the services of providing clean and potable drinking water to all strata of people.